The Uganda Bureau of Statistics states that in 2010, 85% of Ugandans living below the poverty line are from rural areas such as Mubende.

Over 2.2 million children are now orphans in Uganda, mostly in rural areas. East Africa Children's Hope supports the Good Hope Initiative (GHI) to promote self-sustainability among locally led East African schools and orphanages.

At GHI in Mubende, Uganda, it takes a village to raise a child. Founded by Deo Kagimu in 2006, GHI serves as a community-based foster care organization that supports more than 100 children and their families. Good Hope focuses on placing foster children with loving families and increasing primary, secondary, and vocational schooling opportunities for the community. These schools are funded in an operationally sustainable way by adding revenue-generating projects such as farming, honey-processing and sewing. Combining revenue generating projects and education enables Good Hope’s orphans to escape the cycle of poverty and prosper in their community.

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