In 1960 Myanmar’s per capita income was twice that of Thailand’s–today it is the lowest in Southeast Asia

Prospect Burma has two programs to promote English language education in Burma. The ability to speak English is key to improving ones life in Burma. At The Kachin Intensive English School they fund staff for a 10 month intensive English language course and computer training for 40 to 50 students at a school in Kachin state. A number of former students are working in jobs that help the local community. These include 4 at the Intensive English Programme itself, 10 at the local teacher training college, 7 at the High School and 8 at the orphanage.

In addition Prospect Burma supports 12 students studying English at the British Council in Rangoon. Each student studies for 18 months, and several are former political prisoners whilst others have been nominated personally by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

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