There are over 10,000 Burmese refugees living in Delhi—the majority of them Chins - who have escaped to India by walking across the border from Burma

There are many Burmese refugees living in Delhi. They live in an area where sanitation is poor and illegal factories thrive on employing cheap Burmese labour. Learning English is absolutely key to survival because without it the Burmese have no means of communication. Most educational establishments are English language medium and without either English or Hindi, refugees cannot communicate with the Indian population, and live in total isolation.

The English Language Training school in Delhi, which is supported by Prospect Burma, has been providing free English language tuition for Burmese refugees since the mid 1990s. The students are given 30 rupees a day to cover their rickshaw fare to school, but we know that nine times out of ten, it is what they exist on.

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