In 1960 Myanmar’s per capita income was twice that of Thailand’s–today it is the lowest in Southeast Asia

We give scholarships to needy Burmese students, regardless of religious or ethnic background, some of whom are refugees. The short term effect is that individual lives are transformed by the qualifications they gain with our support, which enable them to find meaningful work and start to rebuild their lives.

In the long term, we are helping to build a vital task force for Burma's future. All our students are committed to returning home when possible and to using their new expertise to rebuild civil society in Burma when the time comes.

In consultation with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, we have identified public health, education, the environment, human rights and technological development as priority subjects vital to the future of Burma. In many cases, when our students return, their skills will literally be unique within Burma, due to Burma's isolation from the rest of the world. Donate now to make Burma's future brighter.

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