Despite growing investment in education, 25% of India's population is still illiterate.

Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School is a school, from Balwadi (pre-KG) to 12th grade for poor children. Education is completely free. In addition, textbooks, notebooks and uniforms are provided free of charge to all. Transport is free for primary school children. The school provides value-based education which enable the children to become self-reliant.

The school consistently performs at a very high level. It producing 100% results in 10th Standard and 12th Standard state exams. The 10th Standard top mark in school was a district record of 483/500 and was just 11 marks shy of the state top rank. It has a very low dropout rate – 99.57% of students who join KG go on to complete the 12th standard exam. All students who graduate go on to complete other courses and become employed.

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