80% of households, particularly women, are unable to provide appropriate care to their children within the context of a complex emergency.

The widespread malnutrition in the whole country of Sierra Leone is a manifestation of prolonged deprivation of access to adequate food, health, safe water and sanitation facilities. While the health, water and sanitation sectors continue to grapple with high incidences of diarrhoea, measles, the food situation has remained precarious.

Most households directly or indirectly affected by the war, have been exposed to the risk of inability to access food for their members through sources other than food aid. The Needy Today works with partners to set up a wet feeding center for malnourished children and provide food at strategic centers in communities lacking food supplies. They introduce gardening, food processing and income generation activities in communities. This reduces malnutrition in children in high-risk communities through community based nutrition education.

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