Only 67% of Nicaragua's population is literate

You have never had a book in your house, except an old beat up bible. But something has changed. You can walk into a room with books lining the shelves and volunteers with ready smiles. You can come to your new library and check out a book. You can take it home and read it under your covers at night or while sitting on an old tire.

Over the first year open, the library has had so many young patrons, they not only have Marta, a new local teacher as their librarian, but they also hired Ruth, a Reading Promoter! They are at the library all afternoon, and the kids beg to have them read “just one more book.” We have almost 1000 books and now we have also started lending them. The children take them home and read them to their families and friends. Moms come by to pick up books on child rearing. Teenagers can read Harry Potter.

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