Presently, millions of Somali refugees would be starving to death, victims of both drought and civil war, were it not for emergency relief efforts from around the world.

Common Ground for Africa (CGA) provides emergency food, water, shelter and healthcare to those affected by emergency situations where there is a lack of access to the basic necessities needed to sustain life. Thousands starve to death each year because of droughts.

CGA's primary objectives are to alleviate suffering, maintain human dignity and to save lives. During the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008, CGA distributed thousands of kilos of maize and beans to internally displaced peoples camps within Kenya. They also provided medical assistance both in the form of providing medical staff and medicine to treat ailments. Presently, CGA is working to distribute food aid to the Turkana region of northern Kenya where the most serious drought in decades has already seen thousands perish from starvation. Donate now to help save lives.

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