Half of Kenya's population uses contaminated drinking water.

The Kenya Ceramic Project (KCP) is a international initiative aimed at bringing access to clean, safe drinking water to areas of rural Kenya through the production of ceramic water filters. The filters are 99.9% effective at eliminating bacteria and other pathogens from local stream water, and are capable of producing clean water for a family of five for up to three years.

The vision of KCP is to achieve a self-sustaining system where filters are made widely available to all Kenyans at affordable prices. Today, our water filters are providing a simple, cheap, efficient pot that can eliminate disease simply by pouring water through it; a product that is being used by thousands of people as we speak. In fact, our simple technology is currently affecting the lives of 25, 000 Kenyans, 4, 800 Ugandans and 16, 000 Somalis as you read this page. Donate now to help KCP continue the path toward a healthier future.

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