GROW BIOINTENSIVE mini-farming techniques make it possible to grow food using 50% to 100% less fertilizer.

The GROW BIOINTENSIVE farming method is the millennia-old traditional and organic farming system based on: double-dug, raised beds; composting; intensive planting; companion planting; carbon farming; calorie farming; the use of open-pollinated seeds; and a whole-system farming method.

Most plant life occurs at the interface of soil, water, air and sun. GROW BIOINTENSIVE soil preparation practices create growing beds with more surface area to maximize the effect of nature’s life processes. Using the techniques outlined above GROW BIOINTENSIVE creates a sustainable agriculture system. All of the components of this system must be used together for optimum effect and to avoid depleting the soil.

CGA has trained thousands of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa who are currently using the system. Help them by donating today.

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