An estimated 10 percent to 15 percent of Kenya's population relies entirely on NGOs and informal associations for financial services.

Informal microfinance is one of the most powerful tools being used in the developing world today to empower women. CGA is working hard to assist the women in its community with microfinance loans and training.

We have recently introduced the SiSi Fund in communities in and around Kitale. Through this fund, individuals submit business plans for their proposed micro-enterprise and we try to connect them with donors who are willing to fund their businesses. All projects are monitored closely and loan recipients receive frequent advice and assistance with their projects.

Through this initiative, lives are being transformed, basic needs met and dignity restored. Hundreds of widows we have worked with are now able to properly feed their children, send them to school and treat their medical ailments when needed. Some have been able to purchase livestock and even build new houses.

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