Two thirds of homeless men and women suffer from mental illness and/or addiction. Many of them receive fragmented treatment, or no treatment at all, and as a result, cycle in and out of emergency rooms, jails, shelters, and the streets. .

Project Renewal’s mission empowers homeless men and women suffering from addiction and/or mental illness to move permanently from the streets or shelters to health, homes, and jobs. Their comprehensive and innovative approach combines healthcare, addiction and mental health treatment, employment services, and housing.

Undoubtedly Project Renewal's most famous former client is Lee Stringer, who is now the author of three books, has spoken at the UN, and served on three non-profit boards, including Project Renewal's. He was a homeless crack addict until he came to Project Renewal. There, he got clean and sober and back on his feet. He says, "I’m grateful that I found my way to [Project Renewal's] doors. Grateful that I now spend my days engaged in things that are intimately connected to who I am."

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