Erratic and mistimed flooding below Cahora Bassa Dam has adversely affected the living standards of hundreds of thousands of downstream households.
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The Zambezi River is Southern Africa’s “River of Life.” The fourth largest river system in Africa, it drains seven countries and supports millions of people, who make use of its rich fisheries, forests, water, and rich floodplain soils. The lower Zambezi in Mozambique is the most productive and biologically diverse tropical floodplains in Africa.

Yet the Zambezi is also one of the most heavily dammed rivers in Africa. Four of the world’s largest hydroelectric dams have created an unsuitable habitat for most river species and brought great hardships to the people and wildlife of the Zambezi basin.

International Rivers is working with local groups to stop the worst new dams, help restore justice to dam-affected communities, find better alternatives to hydropower, and press for restoration of the river through better dam management. Donate now to protect the environment and stop dams from destroying people's livelihood.

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