Thailand is pushing ahead with the project's implementation with the signing of the dam's power purchase agreement, despite the fact that research has demonstrated that the electricity from Xayaburi or other mainstream dams is not even needed inside Thailand.
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The complex ecosystem of the mighty Mekong River in the remote province of Xayaboury in northern Laos are the spawning grounds of rich migratory fisheries that feed millions of people along the entire length of the river.

However, this way of life is now threatened. Thailand’s largest construction companies is planning to build a massive hydroelectric dam on the Mekong River. This dam would affect hundreds of thousands of local people directly, and millions more indirectly due to its impact on the Mekong River and its interconnected ecosystems. The Xayaburi Dam, if built, would destroy the river’s complex ecosystems.

International Rivers is calling on regional governments to cancel the project and seek better energy solutions to protect the Mekong River, which is a lifeline for millions in the region. Donate now to help protect the river and people's livelihood.

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