The construction of the Three Gorges Dam has submerged hundreds of factories, mines and waste dumps, and the presence of massive industrial centers upstream are creating a festering bog of effluent, silt, industrial pollutants and rubbish in the reservoir. .
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The Three Gorges Dam is the world’s largest hydropower project and most notorious dam. The project has been plagued by corruption, spiraling costs, environmental impacts, human rights violations and resettlement difficulties. The Three Gorges Dam is a model for disaster, yet Chinese companies are replicating this model both domestically and internationally. Within China, huge hydropower cascades are being constructed in some of China’s most pristine and biologically and culturally diverse river basins.

International Rivers protects rivers and defends the rights of the communities which depend on them. They monitor the social and environmental problems of the Three Gorges Dam, and work to ensure that the right lessons are drawn for energy and water projects in China and around the world.

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