The Global Lives Project shot over 240 hours of film when making their documentary.
This page contains content licensed under a creative commons license from the organization's website here.

The Global Lives project set out to document 24 hours in the daily life of ten everyday people from around the world who roughly represent the diversity of humanity. The goal was to create a dialogue about people's societal differences, as well as their common human experiences.

One of the people they filmed was Dusan Lazic, who lives in Vojka, Serbia. Born in 1942, Dusan has experienced firsthand the tumultuous events that have shaped modern East European history, including the rise and fall of communism, the Yugoslav wars, and Serbian independence. He trained and worked as an engineer but lost his jobs over the years, so he turned to beekeeping, which earns him about $5 per day. In the evenings, Dusan sings and plays in a pop-rock band with his friends.

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