By the time they graduate from EENP's training program, each dog will have logged an average of over 1,000 hours in public settings.
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5 year old Kaelyn Krawczyk has mastocytosis, a rare disease which causes sudden allergic reactions with life-threatening symptoms. The Krawczyks contacted Eyes Ears Nose and Paws (EENP) to obtain a medical alert dog to go get help if Kaelyn starts having a reaction.

JJ, Kaelyn's service dog, helps her make adjustments to medication schedule as well as to remove a trigger as soon as it becomes a problem. In the past, Kaelyn was not allowed to go outside in warm weather because heat is a known trigger for reactions. Now Kaelyn has the freedom to play outside in warm weather until JJ alerts, letting a parent know of an impending reaction. JJ allows Kaelyn to better manage her disease and greater independence to both her and her parents.

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