The toll of violence against women is enormous, costing billions of dollars in social, judicial and health costs, as well as further billions in lost productivity and wages. .
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International Medical Corps (IMC) has operated in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 1999, a region plagued with some of the highest GBV (gender-based violence) rates in the world.

IMC provides emergency health care and a range of support services to vulnerable communities. They offer confidential physical exams and initial treatment plus follow-up psychosocial support. To facilitate the ongoing process of physical and emotional healing, they teach basic skills such as sewing that can be used to generate income for survivors and vulnerable women – and with it, restore both pride and a degree of economic independence. The heightened social status attached to such income-earning skills also eases the process of reintegrating GBV survivors into communities that tend to shun them.

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