Just 22 hours after the devastating 7.0-earthquake hit in January 2010, International Medical Corps’ Emergency Response Team was on the ground in Haiti providing medical care to survivors.
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Over the past 27 years, International Medical Corps has responded to more than 65 countries on four continents, earning the reputation as a fast, reliable first responder. Their emergency response teams have the ability to bring emergency health care, nutrition, water and sanitation, and other vital health services to those in urgent need – wherever they are.

Because the period immediately following a natural disaster is critical for saving lives, their goal is to be on the scene and operational within 48 hours from when they decide to deploy. This is true even in the most challenging environments. Whether it’s reaching populations cut off from supply routes by natural disaster or assisting those displaced by armed conflict, International Medical Corps brings life-saving medical care and relief swiftly and effectively wherever it is most-needed.

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