35% of the population in Rwanda lives without access to safe water.

In Rwanda, people walk long distances from their homes on mountainsides to the springs and lakes in the valleys to find water. This process often leaves families with very little water for their daily needs and yet consumes much of their time and energy. Through the help of Blood: Water mission, community groups have come together to construct of rain water tanks.

Venantia is part of these community groups, and she says, "I am very happy now because of this water tank. Today I and my family have water to drink, to cook and to wash without going to the lake. I used to walk from 6 am to 4 pm and come back with 20 liters of water which was not enough for my family. But, now with this tank available here, we have access to 80 liters a day and I can find time to work for my family."

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