Every day, Friends of the Orphans supports more than 3,400 children in Latin America.

When Johan arrived at Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Dominican Republic, a children's home supported by Friends of the Orphans, he was malnourished, underdeveloped and terrified. The four-year-old little boy was unable to walk or talk and was severely dehydrated and congested to the point that he had trouble breathing and was running a fever.

After nearly eight months at his new home, Johan has become a miracle child. Soon after, he took his first steps without any help. His face lit up with such a sense of accomplishment and from that moment on, he couldn’t be stopped. After nearly eight months at Friends of the Orphans, Johan has become a miracle child. Although he still has improvements to make, the fact that he can have conversations and walk long distances is inspirational alone.

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