Every day, Friends of the Orphans supports more than 3,400 children in Latin America.

When Franco first came to Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Peru, a children's home supported by Friends of the Orphans, the two-year-old boy the two year old boy was not able to speak at all. He suffered from malnutrition and was full of fleas, which literally were jumping all over his little head.

A year later, it is incredible to see how much Franco has changed and the improvements he was able to achieve thanks to the caring and loving environment he is living in. Franco is a completely different child! He has become a very trusting and a curious little boy. Now, when somebody enters the room he will look for their attention, smile, run and raise his hands in order to be lifted. He loves to play with the other children and also the adults. What is amazing to see is that he loves to share things with other people.

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