An estimated 170,000 children (under age 15) are living with HIV in India.

The debilitating stigma that continues to surround HIV in India renders children orphaned by AIDS to be forcefully driven from their villages and left to fend for themselves. Keep a Child Alive offers a home for abandoned children with HIV/AIDS.

The children live in peace and thrive in a beautifully constructed care home where they eat well-balanced meals, go to school for the first time and experience the once seeming impossibility of a normal life. They have transportation to Hyderabad every month where they go to receive their life-saving ARV treatment. Most importantly, they have the love of house parents who nurture and support them, and they have each other. All of these children are brothers and sisters acting as one large family with the chance to be kids, play cricket, football and run around in the rain during a heavy monsoon downpour - just like every other child.

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