An estimated 170,000 children (under age 15) are living with HIV in India.

The Sahara Centre for Residential Care and Rehabilitation, funded by Keep a Child Alive, provides care and support to people in India. who are struggling with substance abuse. Sahara continues to work to counter the debilitating stigma that surrounds both substance abuse and AIDS in India. The underserved HIV+ population relies on Sahara for medicine, surrounding care, HIV/AIDS education, advocacy and vocational training.

Sahara also assists HIV-infected people who have little to no access to treatment and nowhere to turn in the face of poverty, stigma and discrimination. Its services include comprehensive HIV/AIDS care services, including access to ARVs, nutrition, counseling and psycho-social support, outpatient and residential care. Sahara also recently started a community-based healthcare program that provides nutrition to its neediest beneficiaries.

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