Music for Everyone

The Musical Instrument Loan Program from Charity Music provides musical instruments to at-risk and disadvantaged youth wishing to explore their hidden musical talents. Charity Music's is the premier service organization which provides musical instruments at no charge to those in need. All young people have the potential to succeed in ... continue reading.

Musical Petting Zoo

The Instrument Petting Zoo gives children and adults a chance to have an up-close look at over 100 musical instruments and actually play these instruments. Parents have repeatedly expressed delight after seeing their children try out instruments in our petting zoo, and many have advanced into music lessons. The Petting ... continue reading.

Un-Silencing Schools

Music develops children's creative skills, and opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Yet many under-funded schools simply do not have the resources to provide students with music education. Charity Music provides music program start up assistance to schools that do not currently have music programs. Charity Music works ... continue reading.