Debbie's Success Story

"It seemed like I was always staying in shelters, and going from here to there. I was using drugs and I was a heavy drinker. I got so tired of doing crack and selling everything that I had. It was rough being on my own. Then I went to Project ... continue reading.

Improving Life on the Street

Project Renewal’s mission empowers homeless men and women suffering from addiction and/or mental illness to move permanently from the streets or shelters to health, homes, and jobs. Their comprehensive and innovative approach combines healthcare, addiction and mental health treatment, employment services, and housing. Undoubtedly Project Renewal's most famous former client ... continue reading.

Wren's Success Story

"I started drinking when I was twelve. My parents were both alcoholic child abusers. I ended up in a shelter – I called it the Brooklyn Zoo. If there were no beds, people slept outside on crates. One day the Director of Project Renewal’s "In Homes Now" came in. The ... continue reading.