Annual Status of Education Report

Changing public officials’ minds and the world’s opinion requires facts. Making decisions about how best to allocate limited resources requires data. That’s why in 2005, Pratham initiated the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), a research program unlike any ever undertaken in India. Every year ASER, meaning “impact” in Hindi, ... continue reading.

Books before Reading

Libraries are important to a child's progress in the classroom. Most Indian children can’t afford books of their own and therefore can’t practice their reading skills outside the school. Pratham provides these desperately needed resources. Their objective is to ensure that all children in every neighborhood have access to books ... continue reading.

Breaking the Cycle of Illiteracy

Pratham Balwadi program provides India’s 3-5 year-olds with a place and program for learning. Every day, children come together in the class to learn to engage with numbers, shapes, colors, stories, poems and songs. The Balwadi classes help build the social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills of the children which ... continue reading.

Computer Aided Literacy

Pratham is raising literacy standards to include basic computer proficiency. Pratham's approach goal is to improve children’s basic learning levels using information technology (IT) and ensure each kid receives relevant and practical IT knowledge and skills Pratham's school-based computer labs draw over 90,000 kids. Kids get to attend the center ... continue reading.

Early Childhood Care and Education

Pratham's Early Childhood Care and Education program trains caregivers in early childhood care and education. The program started in 2007 in order to share all that Pratham had learned running their successful pre-school program. Over the years, they have trained thousands of volunteers and preschool teachers. Through ECCE’s formalized structure, ... continue reading.

Fighting Poverty with Language

Pratham is preparing India’s next generation for the global marketplace. Pratham’s English Program targets children 8-14 years old. Their goal is to help them build basic conversational skills and have the ability to read and comprehend simple English. English is taught daily to the children for one hour with time ... continue reading.

Helping Every Kid Read

For kids falling through the educational cracks, Pratham offers hope. Their learning support classes are targeted to out-of-school children and in-school children lacking the reading, writing and arithmetic skills appropriate for their age and grade. Students can build and strengthen these skills through these classes offered by Pratham. Learn to ... continue reading.

Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children

The Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children addresses child labor and other forms of abuse. These are a major source of illiteracy. The programs goals are to reach out and address issues of all vulnerable children, prevent children from entering the labor market, withdraw child workers and other vulnerable children from ... continue reading.