Club Real Deal

Club Real Deal takes an innovative approach to teen pregnancy prevention by focusing teens on how bright their future can be. Both boys and girls are provided education, employment, family life and sexuality education, self-expression, lifetime individual sports, medical and dental care, and mental health services. Kandes Ross, an alumna ... continue reading.

Educational Achievement

The NYC Mission Society's after school programs give kids a safe environment to focus on their studies. The parents of Kavon Williams, a third-grader who attends these programs say: "The commitment, caring, and positive reinforcement given by all employees at NYC Mission Society made the difference for our son. His ... continue reading.

Family Preservation Services

Joshua Johnson is a young man with fierce determination, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. When Joshua came to the Enhanced Teens Program at age 19, he and his mother Laura were homeless and struggling, despite the fact that he was enrolled in college at Penn State. As ... continue reading.

Learning to Work

When Xiao Ting Zhao, a 17-year-old high school student, moved to New York City from her native China last year, it was very disorienting. The NYC Mission Society's Learning to Work (LTW) program gave her a way out of the life that keeps her parents working long days and still ... continue reading.

Operation SNUG

How often have we heard of or even uttered the popular phrase “an epidemic of violence?" A new program at New York City Mission Society reinvents gun violence prevention using a public health approach. By envisioning the spread of violence like an infectious disease that can be interrupted, Operation SNUG ... continue reading.