Scholarships to Rebuild Burma

We give scholarships to needy Burmese students, regardless of religious or ethnic background, some of whom are refugees. The short term effect is that individual lives are transformed by the qualifications they gain with our support, which enable them to find meaningful work and start to rebuild their lives. In ... continue reading.

Teaching English in Burma

Prospect Burma has two programs to promote English language education in Burma. The ability to speak English is key to improving ones life in Burma. At The Kachin Intensive English School they fund staff for a 10 month intensive English language course and computer training for 40 to 50 students ... continue reading.

The Thinking Classroom Foundation

Prospect Burma funds teacher training for Burmese teachers at the "Thinking Classroom Foundation" directed by Dr Thein Lwin, as well as the Migrant Learning Centre for Burmese refugees in Chiang Mai. Dr Thein Lwin has recently moved back to Burma, after 20 years in exile, and "The Thinking Classroom Foundation" ... continue reading.

Training Burmese Refugees

There are many Burmese refugees living in Delhi. They live in an area where sanitation is poor and illegal factories thrive on employing cheap Burmese labour. Learning English is absolutely key to survival because without it the Burmese have no means of communication. Most educational establishments are English language medium ... continue reading.