Education Outreach Program

The outreach program began in July 2006 to extend the service of Ashraya Initiative for Children and its community involvement. The main intention of our program is to provide material, emotional, and, primarily, educational support to young children ages 3 to 17 from our vicinity, who show the most pressing ... continue reading.

Health Outreach

The health outreach program was begun in July 2007 to extend and complement the work of the education outreach program. Ashraya Initiative for Children has concentrated its efforts on the three key areas of education, advocacy and empowerment while providing any necessary medical treatment. In this way, they are treating ... continue reading.

Providing a Home for Street Kids

AIC's Residential Program, a home for orphaned and abandoned street children, is a family of twelve children. AIC believes in investing as much as possible in each and every child, and for this reason has committed to keeping its Residential Program small. This way the children grow up in a ... continue reading.

Women's Empowerment

Through the course of our work in the slum, we have been confronted with a number of manifestations of gender inequality - girls being pulled out of school and pressured into marriage as young as 12, women suffering domestic violence, and females of all ages being allotted less food from ... continue reading.