Student Profile - Ana

Six years ago Ana Escobar was a junior at San Rafael High School who wasn’t sure where she was headed. Today, she’s a college graduate. As the first in her family to graduate from college, Ana wasn't sure college was a possibility before attending the 10,000 Degrees Institute. There,advisers helped ... continue reading.

Student Profile - Avalon

Neither of Avalon's parents attended school past 9th grade. Both regret dropping out. They pushed the idea of college with Avalon, but they had no first-hand experience to share. "I was into science from a young age. I always knew I'd go to college, but the process was daunting." Avalon ... continue reading.

Student Profile - Dan

Dan was 11 when he moved from Mexico City to California. His parents wanted him to get a better education than he could get in Mexico. His mother dreamed Dan would earn a college degree. 10,000 Degrees helped Dan with college applications, as well as scholarships, financial aid and student ... continue reading.

Student Profile - Djajiijo

Homeless at age 10, Djajiijo (DJ) Bola is now a college graduate and on track to success. DJ says, "When I came out of high school, my math and English comprehension levels were at a 6th grade level. I wasn't prepared. Mostly it had to do with attitude. Before, I ... continue reading.

Student Profile - Mandy

"I was born in Santa Rosa. At 13, I moved to a group home in San Anselmo. I earned my high school diploma at 18 and had my daughter, Arianna. At 22, I was attending College of Marin (COM), raising a 4-year old and lacking a real plan. Then I ... continue reading.