Community Water Projects

Better Family Foundation (BFF) recognizes that water is life. They also recognize that water is a scarce and sacred commodity which needs to be developed, protected and conserved for current and future generations. Based in Cameroon, BFF works to ensure that neglected rural communities are able to combat water-borne and ... continue reading.

Improving Education

BFF’s Educational Program delivers both fact-based and advocacy education. They have conducted, and continue to give, educational seminars/workshops regarding important health issues, conflict-resolution strategies, management of household resources, and other life skills based topics. Their advocacy education has involved working with the community in order to change paradigms regarding marginalized ... continue reading.

Infrastructure Development

Better Family Foundation (BFF) works primarily in rural Cameroon villages, where they have been able to witness the negative effects that decrepit or non-existing infrastructure has on families. These negative effects do not only impact a family’s physical health but also their socio-economic well-being. Therefore, BFF has been taking an ... continue reading.