Empowering Teen Mothers Through Education

SDI empowers teenage mothers and their families to become leaders and promoters of reproductive health, family planning and sustainable livelihood in their communities. Consequently, they will become agents for change in adolescent pregnancy, child bearing, teenage abortion, education, development, growth and contribute in making a positive change in the society. ... continue reading.

Helping Children Stay in School

Education is the key to a child's future. One of the most distressing effects of HIV/AIDS, TB, cholera, family breakdown and poverty in Cameroon is the increasing number of children who are forced to leave school because parents or caregivers cannot pay school fees, provide uniforms, books, didactic supplies or ... continue reading.

Job Training for At-Risk Youth

With many family members in acute poverty and struggling to survive daily, they have few opportunities to improve their life and livelihood skills. The course includes a two-month training and placement in good security company; on completion they will be helped to secure a good job. Providing these youths secure ... continue reading.