Education Program

Sierra Leone's ten year civil war greatly affected the physical and psycho-social lives of many children and youths in Sierra Leone. The situation is characterised by declining government services, chronic poverty, broken school infrastructure, low literacy rates, falling enrollment rates, insufficiently trained teachers, and insufficient relevant teaching and learning materials. ... continue reading.

Foster Care and Adoption

The Needy Today believes that the overriding principle in child welfare policy is the best interest of the child. The guiding conviction is the importance of a family in a child’s life. The love, care and affection that a child receives in their own family, are more intense than elsewhere. ... continue reading.


The widespread malnutrition in the whole country of Sierra Leone is a manifestation of prolonged deprivation of access to adequate food, health, safe water and sanitation facilities. While the health, water and sanitation sectors continue to grapple with high incidences of diarrhoea, measles, the food situation has remained precarious. Most ... continue reading.

Water and Sanitation

Sierra Leone faced a serious humanitarian crisis during the ten years of civil war, where lives, personal properties and social infrastructure destroyed. Water and sanitation facilities in villages are poor and grossly inadequate for the population after this war. Sierra Leone is still beset by infectious diseases including tetanus, typhoid ... continue reading.