Caring for Orphans

The HIV/AIDS pandemic has taken a huge toll on the African continent. It has killed millions, left millions more too ill to work, and has led to skyrocketing health costs. This has halted the progress of many economies. Another startling and oft-overlooked statistic is that 15 million Sub-Saharan African children ... continue reading.

Cultural Preservation

The Integrated Conservation and Development (ICD) approach builds on the protected area approach by linking conservation and tourism development and by involving the people living in or near protected areas. Protected areas have become one of the most widely accepted conservation methods around the world, by restricting the use of ... continue reading.

Emergency Humanitarian Relief

Common Ground for Africa (CGA) provides emergency food, water, shelter and healthcare to those affected by emergency situations where there is a lack of access to the basic necessities needed to sustain life. Thousands starve to death each year because of droughts. CGA's primary objectives are to alleviate suffering, maintain ... continue reading.

Health Services for the Needy

Many Kenyans die every year of easily curable diseases because they don’t have health services within their reach. CGA's Mobile clinics provide a means for treating these people regardless of how far they may live from a health center. They provide free or low-cost medical care in a respectful, competent, ... continue reading.

Imagine There Is No Hunger

The GROW BIOINTENSIVE farming method is the millennia-old traditional and organic farming system based on: double-dug, raised beds; composting; intensive planting; companion planting; carbon farming; calorie farming; the use of open-pollinated seeds; and a whole-system farming method. Most plant life occurs at the interface of soil, water, air and sun. ... continue reading.

Kenya Ceramic Project

The Kenya Ceramic Project (KCP) is a international initiative aimed at bringing access to clean, safe drinking water to areas of rural Kenya through the production of ceramic water filters. The filters are 99.9% effective at eliminating bacteria and other pathogens from local stream water, and are capable of producing ... continue reading.

Microfinance and Empowering Women

Informal microfinance is one of the most powerful tools being used in the developing world today to empower women. CGA is working hard to assist the women in its community with microfinance loans and training. We have recently introduced the SiSi Fund in communities in and around Kitale. Through this ... continue reading.

Pathfinder Primary

At the center of CGA is Pathfinder Primary, a primary school offering a top-notch education to more than 450 students, primarily orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs). The school has both day students and boarding students. Pathfinder is consistently ranked as the top primary school in the district, with students performing ... continue reading.