African Water Heroes

Kevine is a volunteer community hygiene worker in a village that, like most of rural Uganda, lacks basic infrastructure. The goal of community hygiene workers is to spend time talking with the community about water, hygiene and sanitation. These conversations are the foundation of incredible changes including clean latrines, tippy ... continue reading.

Bringing Water to Central African Republic

Kanjan Arafo is part of a nomadic race of hunter-gathers that have existed for generations in the rainforest of Central African Republic. His family lives off the land, hunting wild game and gathering edible vegetation that grows naturally in the jungle. But deforestation and dwindling wildlife populations have driven Kanjan's ... continue reading.

Building Clean Water in Rwanda

In Rwanda, people walk long distances from their homes on mountainsides to the springs and lakes in the valleys to find water. This process often leaves families with very little water for their daily needs and yet consumes much of their time and energy. Through the help of Blood: Water ... continue reading.

Communities Building Water

In a land where water is scarce, Blood: Water Mission helps communities come together to do whatever is necessary to find much-needed water. In Southern Ethiopia, a village built and maintained a mile of road, just to allow a drill rig access to their community. Using only farm tools, the ... continue reading.

Fighting HIV/AIDS in Kenya

Kabale and her children are alive and healthy because of the Blood: Water Mission clinic in her village. Four years ago, Kabale's husband died of AIDS. Kabale didn't know what caused his death until she became ill as well. At the time, she was 32 years old with five young ... continue reading.

Water and Peace

In Kenya, water is scarce and closely guarded. Before Blood: Water Mission (BWM) came in, the Arapal community relied on a water source nearly 7 miles away, and gaining access often produced conflict with neighboring communities. Also, the community did not have a latrine, and human waste contaminated the water. ... continue reading.

Water for Rwanda

Valerie is a 35-year-old widow living in the mountainous areas of northern Rwanda. Valerie and her children used to walk long distances to gather water for their family use. They would often fall sick with waterborne diseases and the small income they earned would be used to pay for their ... continue reading.

Water is the Change

Samuel and Sylvia are community leaders in a Zambian village is comprised of several thousand people, who moved to the region in hope of new land and jobs. But lack of infrastructure has made the process slow. Over the last several years however, the wellbeing of families has changed as ... continue reading.