Clean Water for Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a very poor Central American country whose rural population suffers from contaminated water supplies. 50% of rural Nicaraguans do not have access to safe drinking water. Agua Para La Vida (APLV) helps rural villages build their own drinking water systems that provide clean water for generations. The water ... continue reading.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Families

The bulk of infant disease and death in Nicaragua is due to water-born bacteria, viruses and parasites. Agua Para La Vida works with communities, providing workshops and training that promote health and hygiene. Their work includes school programs, adult programs, and house visits with each family. Children under the age ... continue reading.

More Trees = More Water

Nicaragua is among the most biologically diverse regions on the planet, but has lost approximately 50% of its forest cover since 1950 and with it much of its biological diversity. This deforestation, a result of clearing the land for agriculture, has had a profound effect on the quality and quantity ... continue reading.

Technical School of Water Supply

Nicaragua is facing a water crisis. The country desperately needs clean drinking water and sanitation, but lacks the professionals and engineers needed to design and build such systems. Agua Para La Vida has created a Drinking Water Technical School with the goal of teaching young people from rural areas how ... continue reading.