A Home for the Healing Heart

Facing heart disease is financially and emotionally challenging, especially when patients travel many miles to seek the best medical care. Harboring Hearts helps patients with temporary housing, and welcomes their families into a community that will support them while they undergo heart treatments and make the journey to recovery. Numerous ... continue reading.

Gabrielle: Heart Patient

6-year-old Gabrielle Hawkins has had many health battles over the span of her young life. She has suffered a stroke, paralysis, gallbladder removal, a blood clot of the brain, a collapsed lung, and two instances of pneumonia. Just last year, she received a life-saving heart transplant. During her hospitalization, Gabrielle’s ... continue reading.

Twin Hearts: Johan and Tariq

Johan and Tariq Lopez are five-year-old twins who, in 2008, received two life-saving hearts. Following their life-saving surgery, they and their mother Leslie had to live in the New York City shelter system for a number of months, which posed significant health risks to their already vulnerable immune systems. The ... continue reading.