Legal Protection for Refugees

During civil conflicts or natural disasters, civilians are forced to flee their homes and are stripped of their ability to fend for themselves. When their own country is unwilling to assist or protect them, international agencies like Refugees International (RI) have a duty to step in and fill the gap. ... continue reading.

Peacekeepers of Refugees

International peacekeeping efforts are critical to stabilizing a political or environmental crisis, protecting displaced people, and securing humanitarian efforts. Refugees International's program develops and improves the capacity of the international community to effectively protect civilians in armed conflict. They work at preventing instances of civilian displacement as a result of ... continue reading.

Protecting Men Without A Country

Nationality is a fundamental human right, but statelessness affects millions of people worldwide. Being stateless means having no legal protection or rights, inadequate access to social services, poor employment prospects, little opportunity to own property or travel, and few protections against trafficking, harassment, and violence. Statelessness can result from many ... continue reading.

Protecting Women Refugees

Displacement and statelessness has lasting negative impacts on women.The stresses of displacement lead to an increase in sexual and gender-based violence. Displaced women living in poverty are often unable to leave violent partners on whom they depend for survival and may be forced into transactional sex. Furthermore, traditional support mechanisms ... continue reading.