How it works

Let’s face it - giving can be a challenge. How do you find worthy causes to support when your life is already so busy? How do you make a difference with your giving when you have to live on a budget?

Our Solution

DailyGiver is the solution. With DailyGiver, you can find many causes that touch you and donate small amounts to each one. On, you will see a description of a cause. Simply check it out and decide if it’s worth your support. If you want, click the donate button and help the organization change the world. If the cause isn’t exactly what you are looking for, simply click “not now” and see the next one we have for you.

Making DailyGiver a Regular Part of Your Life

Many of our users have decided to give a certain amount every day, often as little as $0.50. They then spend a few minutes each day finding a cause that touches them and giving that amount to the cause. This means that you can be in touch with your giving on a daily basis, with only a couple minutes each day.