About DailyGiver

  1. How much of my donation is passed on to your partner charities?
    We pass 90% of each donation on to our partner charities.  The remaining portion is used to cover transaction costs as well as other costs associated with maintaining the DailyGiver website and bringing you the best possible service.
  2. Will my donations go to the specific causes I choose?
    We pass on donations to the specified organizations, and when possible will pass along information about which causes generate the most interest. However, we pass the donations along without strings attached to allow the money to be used where it will do the most good. In rare cases we may not be able to pass donations on to an organization (for example, if they go out of business or lose their tax-exempt status). In that case, we will donate the money to other tax-exempt organizations that, in our judgement, most closely matches the orignial organization's purpose.
  3. Are Donations Tax Exempt?
    DailyGiver is registered as a non-profit organization in New York and has been apprived as a 501(c)3 non-profit by the IRS. Donations to DailyGiver as tax-deductible in the US.
  4. Why micro-donations?
    Our goal is to make it possible for the average person to engage with charitable giving on a daily basis, and support every organization that resonates with you, at whatever level you can. 
  5. What if I want to donate more than $0.99?
    We link to every organization's website from our project pages, and almost all of them accept online donations directly on their websites. We strongly encourage you to make additional donations to any organizations that especially moves you. 

About MuCash 

  1. What is MuCash?
    MuCash is a micropayment platform that makes small transactions (as small as a penny at a time) quick and convenient. All you need to do is load up a MuCash account with a few dollars using a credit card, and you're good to go. 
  2. Do I need a MuCash account?
    If you would like to make donations on DailyGiver you will need a MuCash account. MuCash handles all the online transactions for DailyGiver, you can get started by putting as little as $1 in your MuCash account. 
  3. What is the connection between DailyGiver and MuCash?
    Two of DailyGiver's founders, Vinay Pai and Ben Oaks are also founders of MuCash. However, DailyGiver is an independent non-profit corporation, and includes two additional board members (Alex Kim and Michael Dietze) who are not affiliated with MuCash.
  4. Why did you create DailyGiver? Are you just trying to profit from people's donations?
    Ben and Vinay are proud of their product, MuCash, and realized that they could use it to create a novel approach to fundraising, and help charities out. They deeply discounted MuCash's commission rate to provide the platform nominally at-cost. In fact, they went a step further and offered the discounted rate to all non-profit organizations. You can read about it on the MuCash FAQ. None of the DailyGiver staff draw a salary or receive any sort of compensation for their time.

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